World Cup DUMMY: June 27


The Undead in the Group of Death Edition

In today’s episode of Dummy, David Goldblatt, Danny Karbassiyoon, and George Quraishi talk about the USA advancing to the knockout stages of the World Cup. Alexander Abnos, who is with the team writing for, reports from the stadium following the U.S. loss to Germany in Recife. The panel chews on the Luis Suarez incident, the best and worst of the group stage, and what is ahead in the tournament. With Ramadan and the knockout rounds beginning on Saturday, George speaks with Shireen Ahmed, an advocate for Muslim athletes, about some of the challenges faced by Muslim players.


Here are links to some of the topics mentioned on the show:

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  • June 29, 2014


    Did it seem weird to anyone else two of the players Shireen Ahmed highlighted when talking about observing Ramadan fasts were Ribery and Benzema, who both almost certainly slept with the same underage prostitute? Indeed, Ahmed seems to be correct that there is diversity among the world’s soccer playing Muslims in how closely they adhere to the tenets of Islam.